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Up In Smoke 2019

Printed with a new method for the production of printed surfaces which are fluorescent under UV light uses either a single or four colour print process in which the base colours of yellow, blue and red and special colour tones contain fluorescent pigments, which are not visible under normal light but visible under UV light, in a fixed ratio to the pigments which are colourfast under high intensity light.

The greatest advantage is the fact that pictures printed with fluorescent colours appear to give a complete three-dimensional effect at night under UV light with an authentic stepless colour reproduction of all tones when compared to the daylight effect.

Up In Smoke 2019

40,00 €Price
  • Up In Smoke 2019

    • Signed & Numbered #50
    • Dim: 17,3 x 24,4" / 44 x 62cm
    • 260g Rives Cream paper
    • Experimental UV inks Quadrifluox
    • Printed on an 1965 original Heildelberg press (La Platine / Imprimerie d'Art / France).
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