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Lord Humungus from the timeless film, Mad Max 2, directed by George Miller.
"Kjell Nilsson plays this legendary bad guy who wears an iron mask, a leather neck brace, studded underwear and shows off a shiny, ripped and hairless torso recalling an S&M gay esthetic that was quite revolutionary for its time. Laurent Cotta, a curator at the Paris fashion museum explains that, “In the early 80’s, unless one frequented S&M bars, or was part of the gay community, the general public was not able to recognize these cultural references that came from S&M porno. [Lord Humungus]’s style spoke to an exuberant homoeroticism.” We are reminded by Florence Müller, fashion historian, that “The first gay pride parades date back to ‘76/’77. At the time they were quite shocking and harshly controlled by the police. This film brought a part of the underground gay culture to the general public” (Telerama, 04/05/2015).
In collaboration with the talented silkscreen studio, Atelier du Grand Chic, I opted for a low-angle nightfall shot in black and white with phosphorescent ink that offers a hypnotizing dimension to the portrait. The posters have already been printed on Italian paper (260gr/m2) and the results have far exceeded my expectations. I am positive that this collector, limited edition, hand signed and numbered poster (only 50 prints!) will captivate you. " Mat Peq Elvisdead

Lord Humungus X Bad Guys #02

  • Lord Humungus "Mad Max 2: Road Warriors"

    Bad Guys #02
    •   50 ex.
    •   Signed and hand numbered

    •   Italian art paper 260gr/m2
    •   Dim: 19,7x27,5" / 50x70cm
    •   2 colors Screen print, Glow in the Dark.

    •   Printed by "Atelier du grand chic" (France)

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